'Somewhat of a Character Actors Group' {SCAG} was created to provide a stage for the artistic expression of the God-given Character existing within an actor, as opposed to the writer-given Character scripted for an actor. Additionally, SCAG was formed to build moral Character through dramatic charitable special events.

Somewhat of a Character is best described as one whose idiosyncrasies are quirky, peculiar, loner by nature, unique and notable. Jim Carrey's "Fire Marshall Bill," Martin Lawrence's "Sha-Na-Na," Tyler Perry's "Madea," Tracey Ullman's "Kay Clark," and Richard Pryor's "Mudbone." These are naturally gifted Characters, inspirations and quintessential examples of SCAG. These actors have a unique thumbprint and alter ego which confirms that it's OK to march to the beat of your own drum and skip courses that teach you 'how to act.' Their message and ours, go within to find your Character.


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